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The Most Beautiful and Dainty Accessories by Penelope


      Jewelry is not just a decorative piece in your outfit but it also displays your taste and style. It holds the power of making your look complete and picture-perfect; hence the reason why jewelry is the most commonly preferred way of elevating your look in a jiffy. It is also a timeless and easy way to display your style. The Eden collection has the most beautiful and dainty accessories by Penelope that are just your type, so let’s have a look at the best pieces.The new Penelope EDEN collection is characterized by the impressions of the magic of Eden gardens, realized in an artistic design language feelings of happiness and the magic of light ,colors and life itself.

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 Rose Gold Floral Necklace
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This beautiful floral earrings is the ultimate way to style your Ears to add a sleek touch and color to your life. Plated with Rose Gold and Rhodium with its colorful floral design painted with enamel and embellished with cubic Zirconia, this earring will be a dainty addition to your summer dress.



Sterling Silver Bracelet

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The classy silver bracelet is a vital part of all jewelry collection since it is so versatile and works well with any time of the day and all seasons of the year. This Gold plated bracelet with the enamel painted flowers topped with cubic zirconia by Penelope Eden collection can be effortlessly worn with any outfit to upgrade it sophisticated.



The Pearl Floral Ring

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Adding accessories to your look is a must, as they are the ideal options to boost any look for any time o the day without having to put in too much of your time and effort. Some accessories tend to be perfect for including in your everyday jewelry items, like this breathtakingly beautiful floral ring from Penelope’s Eden collection. The smooth gradient of colors and jewels in the floral design adds an alluring touch to your fingers, making it the perfect item to wear with your everyday outfits.


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