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Spring is almost here! Time to celebrate with colorful jewelry

Meaningful jewelry that tells your story

Made with Love!

We believe in jewelry pieces with meaning. We believe that each of us has a story to share, connections to make and love to spread. We handcraft each of our pieces with love to help tell your story.

Penelope Jewelry

Penelope Jewelry was established in 2000 as a fashion company with a name inspired by the mythological figure of Odysseus' wife, the symbol of beauty and loyalty, the ideal woman of ancient times who spoke more than a thousand words with her silence. We seek the widespread of this concept in different cultures around the world, the transmission of our message through the brand image, designs, style, and art in our products. Our vision is to create the universal language of Penelope, comprehensible everywhere, despite nationality, race, ethnicity, and religion. We seek to create jewels and accessories that enable everyone to express their emotions, identity, virtues, and personality, precious pieces that give the holders the freedom to completely express themselves. Our work is characterized by the highest degree of technological specialization, quality, safety, and customer satisfaction.