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Zodiac Signs Constellation: Aries

All about Aries

Element: Fire
Gemstones:White Topaz

Aries are courageous,determined and most importantly confident. They tend to be very competitive with their career or anything they are passionate about.One of the most desired attributes that Aries posses is their magnetic enthusiasm.

White Topaz

The power of White Topaz helps the wearer with finding fortune and reduce stress,and it is a strong asset for spiritual development as it influences you to take direction and guidance from Spirit. The energy of this crystal assists you to have greater mental clarity, and a more orderly mind-set.


As the sign’s birthstone, diamonds will enhance the owner’s inner vision and creativity. It will open the Aries mind to new things that may even seem impossible. And that’s essential for people born under this sign, known as overachievers. 

White Topaz Gemstone Studs

Diamond Gemstone Studs

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