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Blue Eyes

Our collection of Blue Eyes’ talismanic jewelries well-known in most of the cultures around the world, is created with special care to protect you from the negative energy and its celebrations. Charmed with beauty and power, the Blue Eyes pieces will bring good luck to whoever keeps one. Crafted carefully and designed in different dimensions reflecting the message of the truth, good karma and positive energy, these pieces with blue eye detail are specially made to protect the pureness, positivity and divinity of your soul!
Nazar Necklace
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Nazar Necklace Blue Eyes €32.00
Nazar Bracelet
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Nazar Bracelet Blue Eyes €26.00
Nazar Earrings
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Nazar Earrings Blue Eyes €24.00
Nazar Ring
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Nazar Ring Blue Eyes €28.00
Talisman Necklace
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Talisman Necklace Blue Eyes €37.00
Talisman Bracelet
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Talisman Bracelet Blue Eyes €32.00
Charmed Necklace
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Charmed Necklace Blue Eyes €68.00
Golden Charmed Necklace
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Golden Charmed Necklace Blue Eyes €69.00
Hamsa Necklace
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Hamsa Necklace Blue Eyes €69.00
Protection Necklace
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Protection Necklace Blue Eyes €57.00
Blue Eyes Earrings
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Blue Eyes Earrings Blue Eyes €40.00
Turquoise Eye Necklace
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Turquoise Eye Necklace Blue Eyes €39.00