Important Announcement on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear customers, your health as well as the health of the employer's is important to us and must be protected. Stay safe and stay cautious of the potential threats that we have currently at these dark times, and keep in mind that it is temporary, and we will go through this together.
Stay Safe Penelope Jewelry

Stores in risk areas are closed

In order to comply with the requirements of local authorities, PENELOPE has decided to temporarily close stores in the critical areas in response to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

At PENELOPE we are confident that the temporary closures and all further cuts in our public and private lives are short-term. 

The stores, which are still open, follow the recommended hygiene rules in order to ensure the best possible protection for everyone and at the same time enable individual service.

We strive to continuously update the information above and are in constant contact with our service providers.

PENELOPE is closely monitoring current developments and will act in accordance with the specifications and recommendations of the local authorities and implement any further necessary precautionary measures. 

Online shopping is still possible

In the meantime, our online shop is still available to you at all times for convenient shopping from home. Please note that due to the current situation there may be longer delivery times.  

The shipping regulations


Shipment to any islands will unfortunately not be available. Shipment in Europe will be available. For Europe the regular shipment will take 3-5 business days and for the express delivery in Europe it will be there in 24 hours. 

Outside of Europe

Shipment to any islands will unfortunately not be available. Shipment outside Europe it will take 5-15 business days and (for USA only) you will also have express USA which send within 2 days.


Our thoughts are with all those affected. We thank all medical care teams, volunteers and helpers for their tireless commitment during these weeks. Stay safe and please take care of your and your families' health! 

With the best wishes for good health